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Flowers are one of the main decor elements that help make weddings so absolutely unique and beautiful! They add color and design, they smell great and they will always make your guests smile.

Because flowers will be such a big part of your wedding day, you need to choose a florist that you trust and appreciate. Someone who can take your vision and turn it into a reality. We always refer our clients to Abloom because we know their talented designers can take our couple’s dreams, themes and colors and create the perfect arrangements for them.

055By answering questions that we hear often from our clients about florists, Maxine Cutts Alcott of Abloom gives guidance on how to find your perfect wedding florist.

AED : What is the best way for a couple to find florist vendors?
Maxine : Referrals from past clients, from preferred vendor lists and referrals from other vendors. Take a look at their website and make sure that you appreciate their wedding designs.

bkgdAED : What should a couple know before they start booking appointments with potential florists?
Maxine : Color palette, wedding party attire and a list of your specific needs are most important once you have the basics of date and venue.

AED : How many florists should a couple meet with?
Maxine : Meet with as many florists as it takes until you meet the right florist that respects your budget and responds to and understands your vision. It might be number 1 and it might be number 4. Don’t waste your time interviewing too many vendors, when you meet the right people to work with you will know.

mitch print 26AED : What kinds of questions should a couple ask during their appointments with florists?
Maxine : You should have a short conversation on the phone with the florist before you schedule a consult. First check availability, familiarity with the venue and have a general conversation with your ideas. Make sure that the florist offers the level of service and involvement that you are looking for. The right florist will have questions for you.

AED : And, what should a couple be looking for when making their decision?
Maxine : It’s very important that you select a florist that listens well and understands your needs and respects your budget. You need to trust them and feel that you have a good level of communication. You must also appreciate and respect the florist’s design style.

IMG_0531 3AED : How much should a couple plan on spending/budgeting for their florist?
Maxine : The national “average” is 10-15% of your wedding budget. Be sure to know your budget or budget range for your floral décor when you go meet with your florist. Respect your time and your florist’s time (up to 2 hours to produce a décor plan–after the time spent with you on the initial consult) by providing them with your budget or budget range when you meet. We are not asking for your flower budget because we want to spend every dime you have allocated; we are asking because we want to produce a floral décor plan that works for you AND meets your budget. There is nothing more frustrating than being told “I have no idea of my flower budget” than producing a décor plan and hearing the words “that’s more than I had budgeted”. It’s disrespectful to not be honest with your vendors up front–we are working in partnership with you, not against you.

047AED : What is the biggest mistake a couple can make when choosing their florist?
Maxine : The biggest mistake is selecting to not work with a professional florist. Always opt to work with trained and educated professional florists that have been in business a long time, keep flowers in a cooler and have many images of wedding work they have designed in the past.

AED : What kind of information should a couple provide potential florists to get an accurate quote/proposal?
Maxine : All of your specific needs and the level of delivery and service you require.

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AED : What does Abloom specialize in?
Maxine : All of our event work is customized to each individual–we take pride in listening to your needs, partnering with you to create the day that you envision and providing a décor plan that very specifically outlines what we will be designing for you. We enjoy taking your ideas and creating work just for you that hasn’t been seen before.

AED : What kinds of couples are a perfect match for Abloom?
Maxine : People that appreciate working with a team of talented designers–not just mechanics that will recreate the photo you provided them with.

023AED : What sets Abloom apart from other florists?
Maxine : Our creativity, style and level of service that we provide.

AED : What has been your favorite wedding this year (or any year really) so far?
Maxine : I recently provided the wedding décor for a local family in Highlands Ranch and the reception was at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. This mother and daughter came in and provided me with the wedding palette, a list of needs and desires, their preferred design style, a specific budget and let me go. No micromanaging–they let Abloom do what we do best. That is the perfect scenario for the perfect wedding and my client’s were over the top pleased with the final presentation.

smith weddingThank you so much Maxine for your insight! I know that this information will help many couples when they start searching for their florists! Click here to learn more about ABloom.

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