It’s Emotional

A wedding is a celebration of two people who have chosen forever. It’s a day when family and friends come together to show their support, their love and their happiness for this couple who was so lucky to find one another. So yes, the day is emotional.

Tears will definitely be shed. Smiles will be shared. Special moments will be going on throughout the entire day, whether they are planned or not. And, while the day is a whirlwind, and you may have or have not seen these things happening, you will definitely want to remember them forever.

If these special things are captured with a picture, then every time you look at that picture you will be taken back to that exact moment and you will, once again, feel the emotions you felt that day.

Whether it’s a special piece of jewelry,

A first look at your groom,

A hug with the first man you ever loved,

A chance to take a breath,

A loved one getting caught up in the moment,

A special dance,

Or a unique way of showing love,

You will want to remember every single emotional, touching, special moment of that day.


Thank you to Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers for sharing these amazing pictures with us and for capturing emotions and moments that your couples will forever want to cherish. We’re so glad that you are so in love with love – it always shows!

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Adoring Guests – Petersen Wedding – 06.16.12

After all of the details were exchanged between AED, the bride – Kelly, and her mother – Paula at the initial day-of coordination meeting, a sigh of relief escaped both of their mouths as huge hugs were exchanged.

And, on their wedding day, Kelly was ready to go with the flow, Leif was cool and calm, and all of their guests (a lot of whom traveled to Colorado from Wyoming) couldn’t wait to see 2 people they all loved exchange vows on their perfect wedding day at Boettcher Mansion.

Once the ceremony concluded, the reception began – and the celebration truly unfolded. As I stood among Kelly and Leif’s friends, all gathered around to watch them dance their first dance, I knew that the love Kelly and Leif shared was not the only love in the room, but that their guests absolutely adored them.

Congratulations Leif and Kelly on your happily ever after!

A huge thank you to This Modern Life Photographers for these stunning pictures. Click here to see more pictures.

Their first look

Happy Mother

Cocktail Hour

Guests signed a variety of beer coasters as the guest book

The new bride & groom started their first dance with Falling For You by Colbie Caillat, then switched up 1/2 way through to finish their dance to Smoke A Little Smoke by Eric Church

Words from our client : “The only reason I had fun was because of you!!  I cannot thank you enough for your services and everything you did to help the day go so smoothly, whew! I will recommend you to everyone I know and meet.” ~Kelly (Bride)

“My daughter thought I was wasting money on an event planner until she met Sarah. After that initial meeting, she not only gave Sarah a big hug, but told me it was the smartest thing I had done. Sarah made us realize all of the details that allow the wedding to run smoothly and we did not have to worry – she would do it all, and she did. We all ended up relaxing and enjoying the wedding. Well worth it!” ~Paula (Mother-of-the-Bride)

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The team pulled off an amazing wedding!
Day-Of Coordination : Ansley Event Design
Ceremony & Reception Venue : Boettcher Mansion
Photographer : This Modern Life Photographers
DJ : Quality Mobile Sound
Cake : Das Meyer
Caterer : Footers Catering
Officiant : Judge Jeff English
Florist : Nature’s Palate

To ‘First Look’ Or Not

Deciding when to see your bride/groom for the first time on your wedding day is a BIG deal! It’s a decision that you need to make together and that you need to really think about.

There are 2 options :
>See each other before the ceremony (‘first look’), or
>See each other for the first time when she is walking down the aisle to him.

Here, let me help. Ask each other these questions to help make your decision :
>Do you want everything to be very traditional?
>Do you want to share in a moment together that no one else will be around for (besides a photographer who will hopefully be far enough away that it will still feel intimate)?
>Do you want the groom to be just as surprised as the rest of the guests when the bride walks down the aisle?
>Do you want to take the majority of your pictures before the ceremony so that you aren’t gone as long taking pictures between the ceremony and reception?
>Is it important that your wedding guests get to see the groom’s face and reaction when he gets to see the bride for the first time on your wedding day?

Let’s imagine :
Close your eyes, pretend it’s your wedding day. Imagine being all dressed up and looking your best. Now, imagine that your fiance walks up to you, you spin around and there he/she is. Nobody else is around, just you and him/her. You get to take your time and really look at each other, taking in the way he/she looks. You get to tell each other exactly how you feel. And, all of this is captured by your photographer from a distance.

Close your eyes again, pretend it’s your wedding day. Imagine being all dressed up and looking your best. Think of the excitement you feel of waiting to see what your fiance looks like, the suspense, the adrenaline. Now, imagine locking eyes across the aisle from each other. It’s just you and him/her, surrounded by everybody you love, allowing your family and friends to share in this intimate moment with you. Seeing the sparkle in his eyes while she works her way toward him for the first time in her wedding dress. And, all of this is captured by your photographer.

What feels better? What gets you more excited? What will mean more to you? Once you know this, your decision is made.

Regardless of if a couple does a ‘first look’ or not, one of my absolute favorite parts of every wedding is the grooms’ face when he sees his bride walk down the aisle to him. Awwww……love!

Thanks to Shillawna Ruffner Photography once again for your amazing photos! Click here to check out more of where these came from.