Floating ‘Up’ – Chrzan Wedding – 08.25.12

Most of Ryan and Heather’s wedding guests were coming in from out of town and they wanted to show them just how beautiful Colorado is. So, they decided to host their wedding at a cute venue nestled in the Rocky Mountains in Evergreen. Guests were surrounded by Aspen trees, tall grass and wildflower-filled mason jars.

Not only did the couple do a fabulous job choosing the perfect venue for their guests, they also did a great job putting their personality into the wedding. They made it unique and added unexpected touches, including the subtle ‘Up’ theme since it was used for the proposal.

During the reception, guests enjoyed a delicious meal with food stations filled with sliders, fajitas, cheese plates and more. They were treated to freshly made pie instead of cake and got to take home-made jam with them as their favors. Once the dinner reception concluded, everyone headed downstairs to watch the couple enjoy their first dance as husband and wife. Guests were in shock as Ryan and Heather made their way around the dance floor with fun and animated choreographed moves. Once the traditional first dances were over, the guests took the dance floor and didn’t leave until the party ended with glow stick necklaces and bracelets for the Bride & Groom exit.

The wedding was a huge success as Ryan and Heather’s guests got a taste of Colorado, a taste of good pie and a taste of true love.

Congratulations Ryan and Heather on your happily ever after.

Thank you Elevate Photography for sharing these bright and colorful pictures that fully capture the beauty of the day. Click here to see more pictures.

The couple shared a special moment together before the ceremony began.

The flower girl did an amazing job!

The couple’s dog was one of the handsome groomsmen.

The pie worked perfectly as a centerpiece for the tables.

Words from our client :Sarah was a wonderful person to work with from the very beginning. She was flexible with our busy work and wedding schedules so that we could meet and work out the initial details. Then, at our wedding walk-through and the weeks up to the wedding, she had incredible attention to detail. Her to-do list was very thorough and helped us remember all of the details we would have otherwise forgotten. But Sarah was most appreciated on our wedding day. My husband and I believe that we would have been nervous wrecks without Sarah. But because she was around, we were able to enjoy our time with our families and friends, which was very important to both of us. We would certainly recommend Sarah to any bride and groom! Thanks, Sarah” ~Heather (Bride)

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The team that made it all happen:
Day-Of Coordination : Ansley Event Design
Ceremony & Reception Venue : The Red Barn at Meadows at Marshdale
DJ : Sweet Sounds DJ
Pie : The Market (Larimer Square)
Catering : Catering by Design
Photographer : Elevate Photography
Officiant : Chaplain Bob Mossey
Florist : A Design Resource
Rentals : Allwell Rents
Beer & Soda : Applejack Liquor
Wine : Marczyk’s Fine Wines

All Smiles – Weingartner Wedding – 09.22.12

Not once did I catch a glimpse of stress or the feeling that the couple was overwhelmed, as Mike and Randi were completely calm and ready to say ‘I Do’ to a lifetime together.

We worked hard that last month to make sure everything came together perfectly and oh did it! Mike and Randi’s wedding was carefree, flawless, romantic and so, so fun. On her wedding day, Randi walked into the chapel with a look of awe on her face as we had completely transformed the area from an activity room to a romantic, candle-lit ceremony – and from that point on her radiant smile never left her face.

The couple’s love for each other was so evident in the quiet, personal vows they shared in front of their family and friends, to the toast Mike gave his new wife at their reception, to the twinkle in their eyes as they shared a look across the room. But, it wasn’t just their love filling the room that night, there was also the feeling of excitement and happiness coming from all of their guests who never left the dance floor empty.

Near the end of the evening, the guests saw the new husband and wife off as Mike and Randi ran through an aisle full of bubbles and cheers of ‘Fuji, Fuji, Fuji’. The door closed on their getaway car and with that, the celebration continued late into the night.

Congratulations Mike & Randi on your happily ever after!

Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers – thanks so much for sharing these pictures. You captured every emotion that filled the day perfectly! Click here to see more pictures of the wedding.

Candles of different shapes and sizes filled the chapel, creating a romantic ambiance.

Taking a moment

So handsome

Randi let the girls know which color she wanted them each to wear – then let them pick their style of dress. As you can see, it turned out beautifully!

Just a small cake for cutting.

Words from our client : “We just returned from our honeymoon and we honestly cannot say THANK YOU enough! We looked back on the entire wedding process, wedding week, and wedding day and are so very thankful for you and your tremendous hard work.  We know how much you went above and beyond on every aspect of our special day.  Thank you… We will HIGHLY recommend you to everyone we know getting married.” ~Randi (Bride)

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The team who helped make the day perfect:
Day-Of Coordination : Ansley Event Design
Ceremony Venue  : Denver Community Church
Reception Venue & Caterer : Wellshire Event Center
DJ : A Music Plus
Photographer : Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers
Officiant : DCC’s Pastor Dave Neuhausel
Florist : Floral Bliss Designs
Ceremony Musician : DCC’s Sound Tech – Matt Johnson
Lighting : Lighting & Designs by Scott

It’s Emotional

A wedding is a celebration of two people who have chosen forever. It’s a day when family and friends come together to show their support, their love and their happiness for this couple who was so lucky to find one another. So yes, the day is emotional.

Tears will definitely be shed. Smiles will be shared. Special moments will be going on throughout the entire day, whether they are planned or not. And, while the day is a whirlwind, and you may have or have not seen these things happening, you will definitely want to remember them forever.

If these special things are captured with a picture, then every time you look at that picture you will be taken back to that exact moment and you will, once again, feel the emotions you felt that day.

Whether it’s a special piece of jewelry,

A first look at your groom,

A hug with the first man you ever loved,

A chance to take a breath,

A loved one getting caught up in the moment,

A special dance,

Or a unique way of showing love,

You will want to remember every single emotional, touching, special moment of that day.


Thank you to Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers for sharing these amazing pictures with us and for capturing emotions and moments that your couples will forever want to cherish. We’re so glad that you are so in love with love – it always shows!

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