Remembering Through Pictures…Choose Wisely

Your wedding pictures will tell your story over and over again. The emotions and events captured by your photographer will allow you to relive the day, helping you remember exactly how you felt, who was there to share in the memories and how amazing everything turned out.

So, picking your perfect wedding photographer is absolutely important and Ali, from Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers, helps you do just that by answering our interview questions below.

Why do we think Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers is so great? Because they capture every emotion felt by not only the bride and groom, but their guests as well. And, when you get your pictures back from them, you can’t help but get caught up in the looks on peoples’ faces, the tears captured on camera and the smile on his and her face. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures with us Ali!

AED : What is the best way for a couple to find their wedding photographer?
Ali : Friends and other vendors whom you are working with. Referrals are going to be your best bet as far as finding someone who will fit the overall feel of your wedding, and your personality.

AED : What are some good questions for a couple to ask the photographers they are considering hiring?
Ali : I think my favorite question that brides ask me is “What are some of your favorite moments to capture?” Honestly, to me, my answer will not only tell the bride what type of photographer I am (photojournalist, posed, etc) but it will also give her a feel of the types of things we capture throughout the day.

AED : What will help couples decide which photographer to go with (once they’ve interviewed/met with a few options)?
Ali : Go with the person who you click with. You want to make sure you connect with whoever is photographing your wedding, you want them to put you at ease, and make being in front of the camera is fun. Your photographer will also be one of the people you talk to the most during your planning journey (besides your planner of course :) ).

AED : What is the biggest mistake a couple can make when choosing their photographer?
Ali : Going with a photographer solely because they are inexpensive. I totally understand that price is a huge factor and you have to stick to your overall budget, but deciding to use a photographer based on price is a risky decision, not only have you most likely not fallen in love with them or their work, but I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard of brides being bummed with their wedding photos because they made a decision based on price. After the cake has been cut and everyone has gone home, your wedding photos are what you have left to remember your day.

AED : Great advice Ali! Now, let’s talk about your fabulous work!

AED : What does Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers specialize in? What is your style?
Ali : We specialize in weddings for the rustic, chic, outdoorsy bride. Our style is very clean. We want your photos to be timeless, so our editing is very minimal and the photos are focused around the the bride and the groom.

AED : What kind of couple is a good match for Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers?
Ali : Our perfect couple is one that likes to be active on the weekend, and enjoys the Colorado outdoors. Our brides love a cute pair of heels and their amazing designer dress. Details are extremely important to them in telling their story. And we have to have a couple who loves to laugh. :)

AED : What do you do differently than other photographers out there?
Ali : We are big into personal connections. We want to know our brides and grooms more than just how they are behind our camera. We want to show up on the day and give hugs, not handshakes.

AED : Why did you choose to become a wedding photographer?
Ali : I got into photography right out of high school, and started photographing anything I could. But I began to fall in love with photographing people in love, it was so natural. So we phased out of portraits and focused 100% on photographing weddings. Happiness is so contagious and we wanted nothing more than to experience that every year, several times a year.

AED : What has been your favorite wedding to shoot and why?
Ali : I would say that we don’t have a favorite, but we have favorite moments out of each one. Like when Michelle’s brother-in-law walked her down the aisle (her dad passed away a few short months before her wedding) and they said a prayer for him, there wasn’t a dry eye during that ceremony. Or, how when Randi & Mike got announced into their reception they had a whole choreographed dance with their bridal party… It’s things like that that make every wedding so very different and so hard to pick a favorite.

Thank you Ali again for sharing these fabulous pictures with us! Click here to check out Ali & Garrett Wedding Photographers’ website, rates, portfolio and more.

True Love – Ellis Wedding – 05.19.12

Working with Natalie and Craig was so much fun! From the minute I first sat down with them, I knew they had to be Ansley Event Design clients!

For their wedding, on May 19th, 2012, AED did day-of coordination. Natalie worked very hard to make sure all of the details were perfectly in place and she was ready to hand everything over with confidence to AED when the time came.

Calm and cool would be the perfect description for this bride on the day of her wedding, oh, and I can’t forget – absolutely gorgeous!! It was obvious that Natalie trusted us with everything, and of course we love that. The groom, Craig, was all smiles from the minute he got to the church to….well, I don’t think he’s stopped smiling yet.

True love is evident with this couple. Craig was so excited to marry his best friend, and Natalie had/has no doubt that Craig is her soul mate. It was great working with a couple who obviously has so much respect for each other. And, the fact that they couldn’t stop looking into each others’ eyes and sharing kisses all day and night proved that they were excited to be newly weds.

Congratulations Natalie and Craig on your happily ever after!

Thanks for all of the amazing pictures Gillespie Photography. (Click here to see even more.)

Told you she was gorgeous!

Something blue

I think he was trying to peek

Always my fave – his face when he sees her

Words from our client : “Working with Ansley Event Design made my wedding much less stressful. I was willing to do a lot of the work myself but I needed someone to help me with the details I wasn’t sure of. I didn’t think a coordinator was in my budget until I talked with Sarah and we worked out a system that I could work into my budget. I would recommend Sarah Ansley to anyone and was very glad, relieved and thankful Sarah was involved in my wedding.” ~Natalie (Bride)

Click here to see more great pictures of this wedding.

Such a great team to work with!
Day-Of Coordination : Ansley Event Design
Ceremony Venue : Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church
Reception Venue : Room With a View
Photographer : Gillespie Photography
DJ : Bashpower Entertainment
Cake : La Moma Maes
Caterer : Dorothy’s Catering
Decorator : Cherished Events
Florist : Morgan Floral

Personality With a Photo

One of my favorite things to do each day is to look at engagement and wedding pictures taken by amazing photographers. I love that with just a picture, a photographer can capture love, excitement, that fuzzy feeling, adoration and so much more. And yes, I’ve been known to look at complete stranger’s wedding albums with tears in my eyes. How can so much emotion and feeling be captured, telling me such an amazing story, with just a great shot?

As I keep up this somewhat stalkerish habit, I like to notice trends and I’m loving the latest – props and styled shoots! So much of a couple’s personality can be revealed with the use of scenery or small items that definitely do not take away from a picture, but instead give the viewer a sense of knowledge and understanding, allowing him or her to get to know the couple on another level with yes, just a simple picture.

Here is how one of my all-time favorite photographers, Shillawna Ruffner, has used props, styled shoots and even managed to find pieces of already placed scenery to create such unique albums. Enjoy!

An Engagement Shoot – With Eclectic Style

See the passion in this next one? That’s what I’m talking about….with just a picture.

Ok, Ok. I just couldn’t get enough of that one! Moving on.

A Bridal Session – With Perfectly Placed Scenery

Keep scrolling, this is good stuff!

An Engagement Shoot : Perfect Scenery and Perfectly Styled

Looks so cozy and wonderful!

A Wedding – With The All-Time Best Prop

And the winner is…a mustache!

But seriously, they look like such a fun couple!

I was right, these pictures are amazing, huh?!?! I’m hoping that this helped inspire you and helped to give you some creative ideas of what you can do with your photo shoots. There are so many options and you can have such a great time with it.

If you would like to check out more of Shillawna Ruffner’s fabulous work, visit her blog at :

Thanks Shillawna for sharing your pictures with us!