Six Décor Tips to Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

Designing the perfect décor for your special day can be challenging. You may have found the right venue, but there’s a few things you’d like to change to make it perfect for your wedding. Or, maybe you just need help creating an intimate, romantic feel. We put together a list of wedding décor tips to help out.

Venue Colors vs. Wedding Colors

0594$!x900If possible, embrace your venue by incorporating their colors into your wedding decor. It doesn’t have to be the main focus, but making the venue’s color an accent color in your décor can truly bring the design all together. If the venue’s colors simply clash too much, use draping to cover the walls and/or floors. Try using more of a neutral color for draping and linens and bold colors for accents like floral or napkins!

Repurpose String Lights

Chelsey Life and Design

Repurposing outdoor string lights can be a great way to save on costs, while creating a gorgeous look for your ceremony and/or reception. Use lights you have lying around the house or purchase inexpensive ones. Spray paint the wires of the light strands gold! This may take some time as you have to unscrew each light bulb before spray painting, but you will be happy you did! So beautiful!

Forego the Linens

Virginia Wedding at Fat Cat Farm,We are loving the look of rustic farm tables instead of linens! Not only do these tables create an intimate family-style feel, they are stunning stand alone pieces that don’t need much to dress them up! Add a few floral pieces and candles and you’re set. Going without the linen will give your wedding a romantic and unique look that your guests will rave about for years.

Don’t Forget the Bar


A lot of couples will forget to decorate their bar, which is where a lot of guests will spend most of their time! You don’t have to do anything extravagant, but consider adding some candle light or vases with bridesmaids’ bouquets. Or switch it up and do something super creative! Make your own cocktail bar that will enhance your décor rather than fading to the background. Try using a wood ladder for a rustic and notable look.

A Little Too Intimate 

Kristyn HoganIs your venue perfect for that personal feel, but a little too small to accommodate your guests with two separate set ups? Don’t worry! Have your wedding planner and caterer “flip” the space and turn your ceremony into reception. For an easier transition, use your aisle décor as your centerpieces and repurpose chairs, signs, etc. Do you have items that can’t be set up later such as a 6-piece band? Use drapes and curtains to hide part of the room that can easily be taken down.

Shrink the Tables 

Green WEdding ShoesA lot of couples tend to use tables that are too large. Using smaller tables not only creates a cozier atmosphere, it also makes decorating so much easier! If the table is too large, you will need a larger centerpiece to fill the space and it can look cluttered and overwhelming. With smaller tables, you can keep things simple. Your guests are now family, so cozy up and have a blast!

Do All Things With Love, Chandler Barone – Lead Event Coordinator

Photography Credit: #1: Style Me Pretty ; #2: Chelsey Life and Design ; #3: Snippet and Ink ; #4: Studio 1208 Photography ; #5: Kristyn Hogan ; #6: Green Wedding Shoes