Ready to Pop – Katie’s Baby Shower – 11.30.13

Event : Baby Shower
Theme : Ready to Pop

Guests of Honor : Katie and her growing belly (baby Graham)
Event Date : November 30th, 2013
Hosts : Sarah Ansley (from Ansley Event Design) & Katie’s Mother – Maryann
Location : Hidden River Club House in Parker, CO

What We’ll Never Forget :
>Katie is my sister-in-law, so it was an honor to throw a baby shower for her and my soon-to-be nephew, Graham.
>I gave Katie a whole list of themes to choose from and she chose ‘Ready to Pop’.
>We used a bunch of balloons, buttons, themed-food, soda ‘pop’, etc. to carry out the chosen theme.
>It was so fun using AED’s wedding decorations to create a stylish, unique baby shower.
>We used an old window frame and shutters to display baby pictures of both Jeff (dad-to-be) and Katie – showing just how cute Baby Graham is going to be.
>We had onesies custom-dyed to match the events’ colors and we hung them from the fireplace mantel.
>Guests were asked to paint a letter block so that Graham would have a whole set of ABC blocks to help decorate his nursery.
>We played a game called ‘Guess the Baby’ and asked guests to bring a baby picture of themselves. Each guest then had to decide which baby was which guest.
>We also played a game where we broke the guests into 4 teams. Each team had to pop their set of balloons, get the letter out of the balloon and spell a word. It was hilarious watching them all try to pop their balloons the fastest.
>Each guest went home with a ‘pop’corn favor, including a shower pouf, bubble bath, a small bottle of champagne, a scented candle and more.

Thank you to Ali & Garrett Wedding Photography for taking these amazing pictures and capturing the memory of the day for forever.

Click here to see more pictures from the shower.

shower-Desktop-0002Clusters of balloons lined the walkway so guests
knew exactly where to go for the celebration.

shower-Desktop-0013As guests arrived, we asked them to take a ‘selfie’ and write a note to Graham. We would then later assemble a scrapbook full of the pictures and notes for
Graham to enjoy.

shower-Desktop-0004Each guest wrote their name on a mason jar to use for the day as their drinking glass.

shower-Desktop-0014One of my favorite decorations – a balloon wall!

shower-Desktop-0023Food was displayed on 2 of our vintage tables in trunks and on pedestal plates. Katie’s Mother-in-Law (my Mom) made a fabric wall to cover the opening from the kitchen into the event space. We made individual letters to spell out ‘Let’s Eat ‘Til We Pop’ for the vintage window frame behind the food. And, we used ‘pop’ themed food, such as popcorn, lollipops, gum balls and more.

shower-Desktop-0008shower-Desktop-0025shower-Desktop-0018Love the custom-dyed onesies we ordered from an Etsy seller.

shower-Desktop-0020Guests were asked to decorate a letter to complete Graham’s ABC block collection.

shower-Desktop-0054shower-Desktop-0024Adorable cupcakes! They tasted delicious too.

shower-Desktop-0058shower-Desktop-0016Each guest went home with a little shower-themed treat.

shower-Desktop-0042The Dad and Mom-to-be

Again, thank you to Ali & Garrett Wedding Photography for capturing the event!!

To see more pictures, click here.

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