Personality With a Photo

One of my favorite things to do each day is to look at engagement and wedding pictures taken by amazing photographers. I love that with just a picture, a photographer can capture love, excitement, that fuzzy feeling, adoration and so much more. And yes, I’ve been known to look at complete stranger’s wedding albums with tears in my eyes. How can so much emotion and feeling be captured, telling me such an amazing story, with just a great shot?

As I keep up this somewhat stalkerish habit, I like to notice trends and I’m loving the latest – props and styled shoots! So much of a couple’s personality can be revealed with the use of scenery or small items that definitely do not take away from a picture, but instead give the viewer a sense of knowledge and understanding, allowing him or her to get to know the couple on another level with yes, just a simple picture.

Here is how one of my all-time favorite photographers, Shillawna Ruffner, has used props, styled shoots and even managed to find pieces of already placed scenery to create such unique albums. Enjoy!

An Engagement Shoot – With Eclectic Style

See the passion in this next one? That’s what I’m talking about….with just a picture.

Ok, Ok. I just couldn’t get enough of that one! Moving on.

A Bridal Session – With Perfectly Placed Scenery

Keep scrolling, this is good stuff!

An Engagement Shoot : Perfect Scenery and Perfectly Styled

Looks so cozy and wonderful!

A Wedding – With The All-Time Best Prop

And the winner is…a mustache!

But seriously, they look like such a fun couple!

I was right, these pictures are amazing, huh?!?! I’m hoping that this helped inspire you and helped to give you some creative ideas of what you can do with your photo shoots. There are so many options and you can have such a great time with it.

If you would like to check out more of Shillawna Ruffner’s fabulous work, visit her blog at :

Thanks Shillawna for sharing your pictures with us!

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