People Are Busy, So Save-the-Date

Why a Save-the-Date? Simple – you want people at your wedding, right? People are so busy with their own lives that receiving a formal invitation 6 to 8 weeks before your big day just isn’t enough time anymore.

Once you’ve confirmed your wedding date with your immediate family, VIP guests and your dream wedding venue, get going on your Save-the-Dates. Then, send them to the guests that you are 100% sure you will be inviting to your wedding.

Good news – Save-the-Dates are actually quite fun! There are so many great ideas out there that finding your creative and perfect Save-the-Date is easy.

We scoped out some ideas for Save-the-Dates and here are some of our favorites:

Was your first date a trip to the movies? Then make a funny and cute movie for your Save-the-Date! Click here to watch. Don’t forget to include the actual wedding information at the end of the video, that’s the important stuff.

Remember this game? This Save-the-Date is interactive and exciting. You can send it flat with complete instructions on how to fold it, or you can send it in a little gift box, already folded and ready to go.

Make a CD with you and your fiance’s favorite song, this way your guests can pop it in their stereo and will be instantly reminded of your wedding, time and time again. Make sure to include your wedding information on the CD label and maybe even record a sound byte personally inviting them to your wedding.

This idea is a little more spendy, so save it for your VIP guests, like your parents, siblings and extra special friends. Get these custom keychain calendars made with your wedding date highlighted. These keychains will ensure that your important guests won’t forget the date. Click here to purchase.

Your guests will be curious and excited to get a balloon in the mail, and even more thrilled when they actually blow it up!

Hosting a destination wedding? Then it’s even more important to send a Save-the-Date so your guests can plan for travel. Send them luggage tags so they not only mark their calendars, but they mark their suitcases too.

Bake up some of your favorite treats and package them with a recipe for the cookies & a separate recipe for your love (could be a cute little recipe like 1 cup hugs + 2 cups kisses, etc). Plus the wedding information, of course. You might want to reserve this Save-the-Date for a minimal amount of people since it will get expensive to ship.

Ok, ok, you get the point. Save-the-Dates are fun!!!! Just make sure you include the following in your Save-the-Date so people know what they are actually saving the date for:

  • Your names (obviously)
  • What the event is (gettin’ hitched)
  • Where the wedding ceremony & reception will be (if you know, but if not, at least put the City and State)
  • When the celebration will occur
  • Information about travel accommodations, including discounted hotel rooms, shuttle information, etc. (if you don’t know this yet, then note that more information will be coming soon)
  • Your wedding website link

Now, go pick out a date and get started!

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