Monster Bash – Owen’s First Birthday Party – 05.31.14

Event : 1st Birthday Party
Theme : Monster Bash

Guests of Honor : Mr. Owen
Event Date : May 31st, 2014
Hosts : Beth & Frank (Parent’s of the little man)
Location : The Family’s Home in Aurora, CO

What We’ll Never Forget :
>AED helped with Decor Design & Day Of Coordination for Frank & Beth’s wedding. Since then, I’ve become close friends with Beth and was so happy to help with Owen’s 1st birthday party!
>All of our craft days at the Kinney’s house – Owen was a big helper!!
>Walking into the party and seeing all the decorations we worked so hard on set up and everyone enjoying.
>Little Owen managing a smile or two even though he wasn’t feeling well on his big day.
>Looking at all of the pictures in our window frames of Owen’s first year of life. What a cutie!
>Owen playing drums on his smash cake with a big, plastic spoon.
>Owen’s suspenders and his bow tie. Priceless!

See more pictures from the party here.

10592986_687419035959_333953518124418516_nThis monster was the inspiration for the party and all the decorations.

10616461_687418382269_1016237091624325319_nThe handsome birthday boy!

1610790_687418836359_1286725110339556282_nThe big O-N-E

10620828_687419105819_4842489248648555759_nPictures of Owen throughout his first year of life
filled our vintage window frames.

10616078_687419544939_5200326881649530424_nGuests were encouraged to color the monsters
that lined the kitchen buffet.

10472780_687418971089_7967889483156023395_n10522612_687418821389_336166463231253339_nThe little guests stuck their faces in the mouths of
these monsters to pose for a photo.

10427212_687418996039_582056215533172750_nThe birthday cake was perfect!
Made by Bake My Day

10612740_687419001029_7743351145093596287_nMonster cake pops by Smash Cake Creations

Thank you to Adam & Eve Photography for capturing Owen’s party.

Click here to see more pictures from the party.

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