Enjoy, Don’t Stress! Choose Day-Of Coordination

Why Day-Of Coordination?
You should be able to enjoy every minute of your big day, all the way from getting your hair and make-up done to the last dance of the evening. You should not be running around making sure that vendors are showing up on time, that decorations are being put up exactly how you want them, that your fiance is where he or she needs to be right before the ceremony, that the caterer has the food ready, that the DJ knows when you want to do your ‘first dance’….you get the point, there’s a lot that goes into this day.

You don’t want to deal with any of the details or emergencies on your wedding day, and neither do your friends and family.

What Does Day-Of Coordination Include?

  • About a month before your wedding, we will have a meeting with you to go over every detail of your wedding day so that we can assure everything will go exactly how you envision. During this meeting we will also bring up details you may not have thought of, so it’s a great opportunity to make sure nothing is missed.
  • About a week before your wedding, we will reach out to your vendors with a day-of timeline so they are aware of the schedule for the day, making sure everyone is on the same page.
  • The day before your wedding (or as scheduled), we will run your rehearsal so that everyone who has a big part in your special day knows what they are supposed to do and when and that they are comfortable with it.
  • On your wedding day, we will work with all of your vendors as soon as they get there, throughout your wedding and at the end of the event. We will make sure they are showing up on-time and that they are setting up what they need to set-up. We will work with them to make sure things are happening as scheduled (food being served, toasts, dancing, etc.) We will also make sure they get everything cleaned up at the end of the day/night.
  • We will also take care of the set-up for your ceremony and reception,  which includes putting up any decorations that the florist and caterer don’t put up. Then, at the conclusion of your wedding we will tear everything down and put it in a pre-determined location so you and your new spouse, as well as all of your family and friends can go on with your evening, rather than cleaning up a mess.
  • And of course, we will coordinate both your ceremony and reception, making sure that we follow the flow-plan we created together at our initial meeting. This includes making sure pictures are happening as scheduled, the ushers are seating, the officiant is ready to begin, you walk down the aisle when you are supposed to, your meal is ready for you when you arrive at the reception, your song is playing for your cake-cutting and so, so, so much more. But don’t worry, you won’t have to think about any of this…we’ve got it!

How To Get Started
It’s so simple! Contact us to schedule a quick, free phone consultation (about 15 – 20 minutes) where we will discuss a few details of your wedding day. Once we have had that consultation, we will send you a custom proposal. Then, when we have a signed contract…we’ll get started.

Don’t wait to book if your wedding isn’t for awhile, dates fill up quickly and we want to make sure we have your date available!

To get started, call us at 970.412.2650 or email us at info@ansleyeventdesign.com.

Was It Worth It?
Yes, it will be worth it! Read what other clients are saying:

“Working with Ansley Event Design made my wedding much less stressful. I was willing to do a lot of the work myself but I needed someone to help me with the details I wasn’t sure of. I didn’t think a coordinator was in my budget until I talked with Sarah and we worked out a system that I could work into my budget. I would recommend Sarah Ansley to anyone and was very glad, relieved and thankful Sarah was involved in my wedding.” ~Natalie (May bride)

“I’m glad you had fun at our wedding, I think the only reason I had fun was because of you!!  I cannot thank you enough for your services and everything you did to help the day go so smoothly, whew!… I will recommend you to everyone I know and meet ;)
~Kelly (June bride)

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the time & effort you have put into this event. You are incredible and we are blessed to call you a friend. XOXO”
~Mary (February client) 

Click here to see what other clients have said about working with Ansley Event Design.

Trust us, once you make the decision to move forward with day-of coordination with Ansley Event Design, you’ll be happy and relieved that you did!

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