Catering With a Smile

At most weddings, food is a BIG DEAL! The way it looks, the way it tastes and the way it’s served will help make or break an event. So, choosing the perfect caterer for your event is one of the biggest wedding planning decisions you’ll make.

I chose Footers Catering for my wedding and I continue to recommend them to my client’s time and time again. Why? Because they are awesome! The food is always delicious, they create beautiful displays, and their staff is always friendly, giving service with a smile.

image(6)Colbèrt Callen, Footers Catering Director of Events, answers questions we commonly hear from couples on how to choose their wedding caterer. Plus, she gives us some insight into what makes Footers such a great company to work with.

AED : What is the best resource for a couple to find their wedding caterer?
Colbèrt : In addition to the tons of information that is out there on Facebook, Pinterest, websites, yelp, etc., I recommend couples ask their venue and or other vendors that they are working with who their favorite caterer is and why. You will usually get a genuine answer – “Their food is the best, their staff is the friendliest, they always take care of the other vendors” – things that you wouldn’t know unless you spoke to someone else in the industry.

image(5)AED : What are some good questions for a couple to ask the caterers they are considering hiring?
Colbèrt : Do they cook on-site? Do they use temporary staffing? Have they worked at this venue before?

AED : How many tastings with different caterers should a couple schedule?
Colbèrt : I would recommend narrowing down to 2 to 3 caterers before scheduling tastings. If you are at this point it means that you are educated before going into the tasting, and will know what specific questions to ask to help you make your decision. We have many brides that do the opposite – schedule a bunch of tastings before comparing proposals, and then the tasting is kind of a waste because the couples don’t really know what they are looking for in a caterer yet. Tastings take a lot of time and money for caterers and most offer them for free, so it is definitely best if both parties have qualified each other before the tasting.

photoAED : How will a couple know that a caterer is the perfect match for them?
Colbèrt : When the caterer has answered all of their questions to the point where they can visualize themselves and all of their guests having a great time at their wedding!

AED : What is the biggest mistake a couple can make when choosing their caterer?
Colbèrt : Not comparing apples to apples between caterers. There is no standardization for proposals in the catering world, so it takes a lot of diligence to make sure that your understanding exactly what each caterer is including. If you have any questions about what is or is not included, please ask us!! We are more than happy to help couples compare proposals so that they are as educated as possible.

image(4)AED : Great tips!!! Now let’s hear more about you and Footers Catering.

AED : What is your favorite serving style and why?
Colbèrt : I still am partial to a dual entree served dinner. I think it is the most comfortable for the guests, and with the dual entree there is minimal work for the bride and groom in advance since they don’t have to collect entree choices. I love surprise late night snacks during dancing to add a fun and playful element to the evening!

imageAED : What kind of couple is a good match for Footers Catering?
Colbèrt : Creative, fun, looking for an experience not just food.

AED : What does Footers do differently than other caterers out there?
Colbèrt : Our staffing and team approach definitely sets us apart from other caterers in Colorado. Not only do we never hire any temporary staff, but we had invested in an intensive in-house staff training program. This ensures that the staff at our wedding not only know the basics, like how to bus a plate or pour a glass of wine, but also understands how weddings flow, what guests expectations are, and how to go above and beyond to exceed those expectations.

image(3)AED : In your opinion, what makes a wedding successful?
Colbèrt : Having enough time. I realize that sometimes this is out of the couple’s control based on what the venue allows, but having adequate time for set up, cocktail hour, transitions between different aspects of the wedding, and dancing at the end of the night, definitely allows for a relaxed feel and will also allow the bride and groom to actually enjoy everything.

image(2)Thank you so much Colbèrt for the great advice and for always being so great to work with! We highly recommend Footers Catering to all of our couples! Click here to learn more about the company.

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