Lighting is Everything – Wedding Photographer

With a gift for finding the perfect lighting for every occasion, Elizabeth from Elizabeth Ann Photography is phenomenal at capturing all of her couple’s favorite wedding moments. Not only is she a beautiful photographer, but her and her sister are both wonderful and inspiring people to work with.

We have had such amazing experiences with Elizabeth that we just couldn’t resist taking the time to interview her and pick her brain about wedding photography, as well as her own unique style!

41AED: Describe your photography/editing style.
Elizabeth: I am pretty organic in my approach. I have a thought process on how I want to style and pose my clients, but I’m always looking for the in between moment. I tend to get really excited and happy while I’m shooting, which in turn makes my clients laugh and feel more at ease so those candid shots added in with the more editorial posed look brings a beautiful, well-rounded wedding. I want to feel and see the emotion that was there on a wedding through my images. My editing style compliments the images I take; again, more of an organic approach. The image is taken in the lighting I want, and then editing is merely enhancing the colors a bit or removing blemishes, etc.

2015-12-03_0022AED: Which shots do you think are the most important to capture on a wedding day?
Elizabeth: All of them! Haha okay, but seriously, a wedding day is filled with priceless moments. The look a mother gives her daughter after she has helped her get into her dress. The way a father hugs his son. The sweet hugs the Bride gives her grandma. Definitely the look a bride and groom give each other when they first see each other. There are so many beautiful and precious moments. It’s kind of hard to pick the most important as the day is filled with so many firsts. I want to photograph them and help tell the story of the day so that when you open up your images you go back every time to all of those memories. From the bridal party, to the stunning portraits of the Bride and Groom, to the first dances…ahh, you can see I love weddings, so I’m sticking with all of them!

14AED: What do you love most about being a photographer, and specifically a wedding photographer?
Elizabeth: It’s an honor every time to me when I have been chosen to photograph someones’ beautiful day. Every time I am aware that trust has been given to me to see your day, to photograph it, and to show you the beauty of it. I don’t take it lightly. I love putting smiles on my clients’ faces. I love that the Mom’s of the brides often hug me and tell me that it feels as if I’m part of their family. I love when I get emails from my brides and grooms telling me how much they LOVE their images. I love that I get to put my artistic soul into weddings.

AED: What qualities do you admire in couples that you work with?
Elizabeth: All of my couples have such a unique outlook of their wedding. They bring in creativity…but at the heart of it…all of them want the day to be about sharing it with the people they care about. It’s not a rush to be the best wedding of the year (all though in my opinion each one is). They are caring, adventurous, and funny…seriously I have yet to have a couple that didn’t make me laugh. I’m always in observation mode when I meet couples…how do they relate to each other? How does the groom treat his bride and vice versa? It’s beautiful to see. I guess my couples have compassion and creativity. A lot of my brides continue on throughout the years as my friends, and I love that. It’s such a fun way for me to meet so many cool and unique people.

3AED: Do you have a favorite wedding that you have worked? What about it made it your favorite?
Elizabeth: As I love all of my weddings I photograph, that is a tough question. However, I really fell in love with a wedding I photographed at Boettcher Mansion this past fall (Side Note – AED worked this wedding with Elizabeth and it tops our wedding favorites too!). The colors were so vibrant, and Jess’ dress…AHHH! So unique and playful! I’m a huge detail fanatic at weddings because it makes me smile to see the different and creative touches that each bride and groom brings in. I love seeing the expressions on the guests faces as they walk into a reception room, it’s truly magical. This wedding had fall leaves, gorgeous tea lit mason jars, accents with wood slices, vintage couches, market lighting…you get the idea. Stunning.

2015-12-03_0010AED: If a couple came to you for advice on choosing a photographer, what advice would you offer them?
Elizabeth: Pour over their images. Check their website, blog and Facebook page. Follow them on Instagram. Get a feel for WHO you are going to be working with. Do you click with them? Do you like what they are representing on the Internet? I always make sure when I visit with a possible bride and groom that they have looked at my work. I want to know that they already love the work I’m putting out there because I think there should be a level of trust from the beginning. Love the work, then meet up with me! Find out a little more over coffee or wine. See if there is a connection. It’s just as important to me as it is for the possible client to get to know each other better. It’s kind of like an interview both ways when I meet with people. Hiring a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make, so trusting her/him and liking her/him is SO important. If possible, ask around and see what other people are saying about them.

2015-12-03_0007AED: What is your favorite season to photograph?
Elizabeth: Well, I’m a huge fan of sunlight…its pretty prevalent in all of my work. I love the soft, summer glow at the end of a day. The way the colors reflect my style…it’s magic for me. However, I also LOVE fall. The sharper colors that the pretty broken leaves bring in is perfect. I’m happy to say I have a few winter weddings this year so I’m excited to try out snowy mountain weddings. I think that might become a favorite.

7AED: What time of day do you think provides the best lighting?
Elizabeth: Sunrise or sunset, soft glow…the light is less harsh and the shadows are softer. If I can get portrait time at either of those times, I’m a happy girl. Often a wedding planner will help arrange to have a couple leave the reception for a bit to provide sunset shots for the bride and groom, so I usually get it in regardless of the portrait time. That sunset light is SO romantic.

Thank you so much Elizabeth for all your insightful feedback and knowledge! You are truly amazing to work with, and here at AED we definitely recommend you as both a beautiful photographer and individual. Check out all of the stunning work done by Elizabeth by clicking here!

Beautifully Designed AND Delicious

We worked with the Colorado Rose Cake Company and now we just can’t get the perfect design of their cupcakes/cakes out of our mind! And the taste – wow, the taste – so, so, so delicious! Honestly, we crave them, a lot!

We interviewed Marci Perrotto of the Colorado Rose Cake Company to get a better idea of what couples should do to find their perfect cake vendor.

Kinney_Wed_3952AED : What is the best resource a couple can use to find their wedding cake vendor?
Marci : I’m a firm believer in trusting referrals rather than ads that are bought on wedding sites. Venues and other vendors know who they can count on, will be on time, and do the best job. I am careful about any name I would give out since it would also reflect on me. Wedding Wire and the Knot reviews are good to get a feel for other couples’ experiences.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : What are some important questions a couple should ask the different cake vendors they are considering hiring?
Marci : Can they work in your budget, custom designs, when to order, flavor options, delivery, when it is made, food sensitivities, payments, etc.. Personally, I would look most carefully at the actual experience, specifically with creating and setting up wedding cakes for a worry-free wedding day for you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : How many cake vendors should a couple meet with before making their decision?
Marci : Each cake vendor is different with different price points and strengths. I would suggest shopping for comparison so you know what is most important for you in your wedding cake, but meeting with more than three cake vendors can be confusing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : What should a couple look for during their cake tasting?
Marci : See an actual example of a designer’s work and taste their cake to make sure that you like the quality. Feel confident with whom you are meeting with.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : How should a couple choose the design of their wedding cake? And, how can the cake vendor help with this?
Marci : With the Internet and sites like Pinterest it is easy to find and compare endless types of designs. With photos of the design ideas that you like, your designer can get a feel for what you would like for your design and what elements to use to create a custom design.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : Great advice Marci! Now, let’s move on to Colorado Rose Cake Company specifically.

AED : What does Colorado Rose Cake Company specialize in?
Marci : We specialize in our custom designs, quality workmanship, delicious, moist, custom flavors of cake and filling, and our personal service. Colorado Rose Cake Company is a home based business operating out of a licensed bakery on the premises since 1997, with a combined 44 years decorating experience.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : What are your favorite kinds of couples to work with?Marci : We love working with all of our couples. Weddings are such a special time in each couple’s life and we love sharing the excitement, especially when their eyes light up when they see their ideas come together for their own cake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : What is your favorite cake flavor? What is your most popular cake flavor?
Marci : My personal favorite flavor is our Amaretto (I love almond flavors) with a chocolate truffle and raspberry filling….or our cinnamon bun with a cream cheese…or spiced chai with vanilla cream…. Our chocolate chocolate chip cake is the most popular and is paired beautifully with our salted caramel or mocha mousse filling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAED : Wow, that just made me really hungry! What are you seeing trending right now for cakes?
Marci : Since so many of our cakes go to mountain weddings we do quite a few rustic designs with mountain or aspen tree designs. We also play with different heights on the tiers for a twist in the traditional shape.

Thank you so much Marci for your advice and thoughts! Click here to learn more about Colorado Rose Cake Company.

A Special Touch with an Espresso Cart

There’s something so perfect about a fancy coffee drink at a wedding to keep the celebration going! Espresso carts are such a great addition – they’re unique and guests LOVE them.

We interviewed Bill Smith from The Espresso Affair for more information on the growing trend of espresso carts.

AED : What should a couple look for when searching for their Espresso/Coffee vendor? What kinds of questions should they ask the vendor?
Bill : Not only is it important to know the company you hire has a proven history of professional service in the community, it is vital they have the proper insurance and workman’s compensation for your guests and their staff.  Also, ask to see their Health Department certificate.  Some vendors fall short in guaranteeing the safe and proper storage of their perishable supplies and equipment.

image(3)AED : What kind of venue is ideal for a specialty Espresso/Coffee vendor to work at?
Bill : We have yet to find a venue that is not appropriate!  An espresso machine and barista adds a touch of class to any event, anywhere!

AED : What kind of wedding is a specialty Espresso/Coffee vendor perfect for?
Bill : Through the years The Espresso Affair has served at a variety of wedding receptions, from the ballroom of The Broadmoor, to a quaint cabin in Estes Park.  Guests appreciate the quality of our specialty coffee with their meal, and especially with the cake serving!  It’s essential at morning brunch, serving guests as they arrive, or late night providing a cup to go, as they leave to drive home.

AED : What sets The Espresso Affair apart from the competition?
Bill : With 21 years of service, our business is tried and true.  We pride ourselves in prompt delivery and excellent customer service.  The quality of our locally roasted espresso continually receives praise, even from guests from Italy!  Our staff love coffee and love to make personalized drinks for each of your guests.  Our Hot Chocolate is what the children enjoy ordering, sometimes 2 or 3 times!

image(2)AED : What is your favorite drink to make at weddings?
Bill : Our vanilla cinnamon latte is always a hit!

AED : What are your cart set up options?
Bill : We have a variety of options to fit each clients taste. Click here to view options.

Bill : Our service will be the icing on the cake!  A special touch providing each of your guests with fond memories and appreciation of the great coffee you served at your wonderful event!

Thank you so much for the great information Bill! To learn more about The Espresso Affair, click here.