Great Ways to Thank Your Guests

Your wedding guests have put in the time, effort and travel to make it to your special day and celebrate the love you and your partner share. Not only will they be there for your wedding day, but chances are they have been there to offer their love and guidance throughout your relationship. It is important to show your guests how grateful you are to have them in your lives and celebrating your commitment. There are many ways to thank your guests, but why not start with 10 creative wedding favors your guests will love and actually keep?!

Soundtrack to Your Day: Music seems to be a powerful memory cue for many. What better way to get guests to reminisce on your celebratory day than to give them a soundtrack of all the songs that played? The processional, the recessional, the first dance, parent dances, cake cutting – all of these special moments will be music to their ears!


Cozy Blankets: Having an outdoor wedding? Help make your guests comfortable by providing cozy blankets they can wrap around themselves to keep warm. Even better – let the guests keep them as a thank you! They will forever remember the love you and your partner share as they curl up on the couch with your thoughtful gift.

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Mini Champagne Bottles: The party doesn’t have to stop when the bar closes. Mini champagne bottles can provide extra fun and excitement throughout the evening! Add a chevron straw that matches your wedding colors and your guests will obsess over how cute and festive they are. Keep it poppin’ all night!

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Succulents: Not only are succulents individually unique and beautiful just like each one of your guests, they are durable and won’t wilt if they don’t get water for a few days – which makes them perfect for the guest who may not be the best at taking care of plants. Friends and family will smile each time they look at their succulent and think about watching your love grow!

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Bottle Openers: Having a vintage or rustic themed wedding? These “key to my heart” bottle openers are the perfect wedding favor! They are small and easy to take home, can be put on a key chain, and will make guests think of you every time they crack open a bottle. They can even double as seating chart placements!


Chapstick: A great gift that guests will absolutely use is chapstick. Especially if you are getting married in this dry Colorado weather! Print a personalized message along with a cute saying, such as “Our Love is the Bomb!” or “Mint to be”. With a favor this useful and small in size, guests can put it in their pocket, purse – wherever! It won’t be a favor left on the table.

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Midnight Snack: After all that dancing, guests can work up an appetite. Before sending them home or back to their hotel room hungry, provide them with adorable midnight snack packages! One idea is a package of milk and a doughnut, but any option to go with your wedding theme will be a huge hit!

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Luggage Tags: These personalized luggage tags are great for a travel themed wedding! You can use them as seating chart placements as well. They will separate your guests’ bags from the rest and make them reminisce about your special day as they travel away!

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Make Your Own S’mores: Wanting to have a s’more bar at your wedding? Send your guests home with their own s’more packages so they can make them at home as well! Maybe they will even invite you over for a night by the fire where you all can share your favorite stories from your beautiful day!

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Lottery Tickets: Do you feel lucky to have your friends and family in your life? Do you want your love and luck to rub off on them? Give your guests a lucky coin and lottery tickets to see if you can help them win big! If they do, they will forever thank you! If they don’t, they will still remember how fun your day was and have a story to tell!

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Create your own Winter Wonderland!

Many couples love the idea of a summer or fall wedding, but winter also provides a season for beautiful and classic themes. This time of year offers soft color patterns inspired by the true elegance of nature. Whether it is a spin on the traditional theme of red and green, or a more modern and chic palette inspired by frosted berries, winter provides a beautiful canvas for any event. Below is a list of some top winter wedding trends to help inspire ideas for your own snowy happily ever after!

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Marsala and Rose: The color of the season for 2016 is Marsala. This deep burgundy hue provides a romantic and rich red that contrasts beautifully with the winter snow. Enhance this look and make it your own by adding tones of light brown or blush hues, providing the perfect color palette for any romantic wedding.

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Winter Neutrals: A neutral color palette of deep browns and nudes, accompanied by a soft shade of blue, is the perfect color scheme to embrace the season. The soft colors combined with the season are a great way to create an elegant wedding without going over the top.

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Rustic Red and Green: If you are looking for a traditional winter wedding but you don’t want it to be overwhelmingly festive, a rustic touch on the traditional colors of red and green is perfect for you. Plaid, satin, and vibrant cranberries are a creative way to spice up this festive favorite.

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Frosted Berries: Scarlet red, ice blue and bright white are a perfect winter color combination inspired by the image of frosted berries. Use cranberries and seasonal items like pine cones and frost to enhance this refreshing new winter trend.

Hopefully these ideas warmed your heart to the idea of a beautiful winter wedding! Need some help getting started on the design for your wedding? Check out all the wonderful services offered by Ansley Event Design, including Decor Design to help create your own stunning winter wonderland!

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10 Personal Touches for your Ceremony

Your ceremony is arguably the most important part of your wedding day – it’s when you and your fiancé officially become a married couple! So, don’t let your ceremony fall flat. Incorporate some of these personal touches to make your ceremony uniquely you!

0662a7ba801c0b816b4b44121e223cb41. Create A Wedding Time Capsule : Creating a wedding time capsule can take a couple different forms, but the purpose is to bottle-up the excitement and feelings that exist on your wedding day and be able to re-visit these memories at a later date in your relationship. Some couples create a wine box. For this wedding time capsule the couple writes love notes to each other, brings a bottle of wine and seals these items into a box at the ceremony. Then, on an important anniversary or during a rough patch in the relationship, the couple can open the box, drink the wine, read the letters, and remember why they entered into the union.

Other couples ask their close friends and family to write letters showing support, giving advice, or telling stories of the relationship that are then sealed into the box at the ceremony. No matter what is included in the wedding time capsule, creating one is a very personal touch to add to your ceremony.

2. Tell Your Love Story : Every wedding ceremony should be different, because every couple is different! Get to know your Officiant before the big day, and make sure they are willing to tailor their message to fit you as a couple. A great way to make your ceremony personal is to ask your Officiant to tell your love story. Adding little tidbits and funny stories really livens up a ceremony and makes the guests feel included in the couples’ relationship. Some Officiants who want to go the extra mile interview family and friends about the couples’ relationship and add little quotes into the sermon.

b0c92635a128dda1ae44ab962c2cf9c63. Create A Unique Unity Ceremony : Creating a custom gesture to symbolize the union between you and your partner makes your ceremony unique and can be completely tailored to fit you as a couple. For example, if you and your fiancé are big beer drinkers, you could have a beer blending ritual at your ceremony. For this symbolic gesture you and your fiancé pick your own favorite brews of beer. Maybe you like a lighter brew and your fiancé likes a heavier, fuller brew. Then at the ceremony, the Officiant can describe how the properties of each brew relates to your separate personalities. Then, you combine your brews into one container making a completely new beer and taste your creation. Also, the beer can be served to your guests in bottles with custom labels as a wedding favor.

Another example would be to plant a tree together at your ceremony. You and your fiancé could work together to plant a sapling into a big pot to symbolize planting your relationship and both promising to help maintain a healthy, loving relationship. The list of ideas is endless, just make it completely unique to you and it will surely be a personal touch to your ceremony.

4. Add Family Mementos : Including family mementos into your ceremony is a great way to incorporate loved ones, living or passed, into your day. This idea is completely personal – perhaps you have a bible that has been passed down through your family, or maybe you have your great grandmother’s candlesticks that could adorn your ceremony space. Anything that is important to you and your family would be a great way to add a personal touch to your ceremony.

ef2245a0605db354e8ef59262d120dcd5. Make A DIY Ceremony Backdrop : A fun way to make your ceremony personal would be to incorporate a do it yourself project into the space. The focal point of your ceremony is you and your fiancé, so why not create a beautiful backdrop to frame the two of you. Your guests will be wowed by your crafting skills and the backdrop will be incredibly personal because you created it with your own hands! Click here for a list of easy DIY ceremony backdrops.

6. Have A Communal Blessing Of The Rings : A great way to involve your loved ones in your ceremony is to have them bless your rings. Attach your rings to a pouch or put them in a decorative box and pass them to your wedding party or your family members in the front row. Your friends and family can hold your rings and pray over them, offer good thoughts and wishes, or simply warm the rings before they go onto your fingers. This symbolic gesture instills your family and friends’ support for your union into the rings that you will be wearing every day for the rest of your lives. Limit the communal ring blessing to family members in the front row or just your wedding party standing at the altar with you. You don’t want the rings getting lost!

ba2ec0d063a5611c2cd6c577628e8b4b7. Write Personal Vows : Writing a personal promise to your fiancé and reading it aloud in front of all your guests is about as personal as it can get! Although writing vows can be daunting, it really makes your day unique and intimate. Guests love hearing personal vows because it really shows the love you feel for your fiancé. Adding a little light-heartedness or a personal joke between you and your fiancé into your vows is a great way to add personality, especially if guests are starting to get teary-eyed!

8. Do Something Different For Your Readings : If you are not religious, or if you want to switch up traditional wedding readings, have something personal, rather than a bible verse, read at your wedding. Again, you can completely personalize this idea to fit what matters to you as a couple. You could have someone special read a poem, or a love story, or song lyrics, or a letter from a close family member, or anything else that has meaning for you. Your guests will love seeing a new take on an old wedding ceremony tradition!

10641136_930071863674465_252011841799834285_n9. Make The End Of The Ceremony A Celebration : After your Officiant pronounces you as a married couple and everything is official, let the celebration begin! Provide your guests with noisemakers and give them something they can throw in the air, such as confetti, rose petals, rice or even beach balls! This is the moment everyone has been waiting for, so make your trip back down the aisle memorable!

10. Personalize Your Wedding Program In Unique And Creative Ways : Wedding programs can be a great way to keep your guests entertained before the ceremony begins, so let your personality shine through in them. You could transform your program into a newspaper and have a spread of ridiculous articles featuring you and your fiancé. Or, you could transform your program into a wanted ad, featuring each member of your wedding party with their own mug shot and funny description. Or, you could air on the romantic side by including poems and love stories about you and your fiancé. Either way, your guests will love this personal gesture!

This is your day, so make it completely personal to fit you as a couple!

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